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Your Ultimate Guide to Hosting Epic Events

visionary event leadership

Your Ultimate Guide to Hosting Epic Events

(seriously... this guide has stuff you don't even know you need to know)


THE ART of leading EVENTS

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The difference between a dreamer and a visionary, is that the dreamer has his eyes closed and the visionary has his eyes open.

 -Martin Luther King, Jr.


The rise of visionary voices in entrepreneurship is mounting evidence of our desire to revolt against the patriarchy, to reimagine the world and our lives if we came from a place of our deep longing for sensuality and connection. We can no longer survive in the concrete boxes that we penetrated, the old boys club of hard and angular ways of being and doing work with overt oppression woven in. We can no longer envision ourselves solely in one way or another, but in the multitude of ways our beings naturally flow from our creative source. From the interconnected sparks of creativity to the damp, dark earth of growth, to the wishing wind across the sand of our beaches. How easy it would be if we were in sisterhood, in love, and on fire with a passionate purpose that fills our hearts and engages our minds without shame or fear of judgement.

This is the power of events, and why we are called to lead them. Women. Queer folks. People of color. Visionaries. Thought leaders. Unicorns.

Let's not apologize for our grandiose ideas and dreams, let's forge them into existence with great fervor. Step into the visionary leader you know you are meant to be.

If you are called to lead event experiences, then you are likely stepping into a grander vision of yourself, a person that you may never have guessed you would become but one that can be a model for others, one that inspires and ignites the human soul for a better future. This is the rise of the Phoenix and that story is within each visionary leader.

Readiness is a mindset.

Power is self created.

Pleasure is your GPS.

Desire is your muse.

Privilege is to be leveraged for greater equitability.

get ready to host an epic event

This guide shows you: 

And You will get: 

A powerful event production guide to plan your event


  • Timelines
  • Templates
  • Forms
  • Agreements
  • Schedules
  • Tracking Sheets
  • Sample Schedule
  1. Profitable Event & Retreat Models

  2. Event Logistics & Cost Tracking

  3. Filling your Event

  4. Taking Your Participants on a journey

  5. Creating a Sacred Container

You will have all the forms you need for your first event:

  • Participant Agreement

  • Media Waiver & Confidentiality Release

  • Pre- & Post- Assessments

  • Sample Enrollment Form

  • Program Policies & Agreement


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Audra Grady has facilitated and produced hundreds of events over the last 20 years. Her philosophy is that events create a moment in time like no other, where the magic of connection deepens, time and space shift, and transformation can blossom in the hearts and minds of humanity. At this critical time on our planet, gathering is more important than ever before. The intimacy one can experience through a transformative event is like none other, and is so often what many are missing in their day-to-day lives. The psychology of events mimics the human instinct and cultivates the bonds of community.

She’s worked with and been mentored by transformational leaders like Sandra Yancey of eWomenNetwork, Jesse Koren and Sharla Jacobs of Thrive Academy, Susan Kerby of Speak and Shine Your Light School for Luminaries, major universities including Brandeis University and University of Maine, and transformative education organizations including California Institute of Integral Studies. She is pursuing her PhD in East West Psychology and loves bridging psychology, mindfulness, and entrepreneurship. 



This new world order, this paradigm born of discontent is no longer an option for many of us, no longer a simple desire, or caged idea - but a necessity that calls us forth. And the road we travel is not one without resistance or peril. It is risky to ignite the heart and soul when the inception point of change is in the basement of a burning building.

BUT. We. must. Proceed.

This is the visionary’s path. This is the peril, the heartbreak, the loss, right along side the real, raw, resilient self setting forth into new possibility …. Tenaciously.

YOU are the dreamer. YOU are the doer. YOU are the visionary. Your pain can be composted into pleasure - by leading others on their journey. The call you feel in your heart to lead is begging you… Gather people, accelerate transformation.

Now go CREATE YOUR VISION. Make it real.


what the guide will show you...

  • how to prepare, plan and execute an event from vision to production

  • how to manage all of the details, track everything, and work with a team 

  • the magic of a streamlined event system that has your clients feeling supported and held in an alchemical space outside of their everyday lives, where they can transform and grow with you leading the way

  • increased sales and revenue because you can show up fully expressed and supported, knowing that everything is taken care of before hand


Imagine, that your event overwhelm could be replaced with the ease and joy of leading your tribe with exceptional care and support. You shouldn’t be struggling to produce your event, but instead creating deeper connections with your clients... I will show you how to prepare and plan for your event so you show up powerfully and your community feels fully supported and ready to dive in!


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What people are saying...



Audra has an incredible amount of knowledge about event production. This guide is insanely comprehensive. I mean wow. I will never host an event without it again. 
— Molly Mandelberg, Founder of Wild Hearts Rise Up

Audra took us from chaos to clarity — like we were in a tornado and then she would help us find the right next steps.
— Matthew Van Horn and Caleb Arring, LGBTQ Entrepreneur

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